Mother Marche Supermarket, your friendly local grocery store in Krabi with 5 locations throughout Krabi province, originally opened it’s doors in 1992 and has steadily grown to a large distributor of quality fresh products through the province. As a small shop offering local quality products, Mother Supermarket quickly became well known in the community as a grocery store committed to quality. Mother Supermarche has grown to offer a wide range of products from baby products, facial cleansers, imported meats and cheeses, beer, wine and so much more, and is now the proud parent for four other stores each with a different specialty to offer the residents of Krabi even more variety, while still retaining the brand’s connections with quality.


Our retail grocery stores are located in Krabi Town and Aonang. They all are designed with the homeowner in mind. A wide range pf products fill our shelves in all of the Mother Marche stores – these products range from baby products, fresh produce, imported cheeses and meats and much more. For more information please visit our products page here.

If you cannot find what your looking for ask one of our friendly staff, and they will look into special ordering the said product for you.


Mother Marche Tessaban acts as the wholesale warehouse for the mother brand. Supplying everything is large quantity from cases to pallets there is everything hotels, resorts, restaurants or anyone looking for large quantities. A large number of wholesale sized products are stocked at all times but if products are needed which Mother doesn’t stock that moment, ordering additional products from supplies is only a matter of time. Get in touch with our wholesale team here.


Mother supermarket works with a number of hotels, resorts and other distribution centers. Delivering products directly to your location if you are a hotel or resort in need of product delivery. Mother understands that having a reliable distribution chain for any resort or restaurant is an intrigrial part to any business, therefore mother prides itself on providing door to door delivery of any of the products you can see on our shelves. The distribution chain is wide for mother trucks which offer good piece of mind for suppliers, who know they can rely on their products reaching the right hands.

Mother Marche also is a leading distributor of various goods throughout Krabi, such goods as energy drinks, rice and a range of other products. If you are a restaurant, hotel or resort in need of large quantity items, get in touch with our sales team to see our price list and set up a regular distribution cycle.

Although the grocery store will have a local feeling to it, the product selection is wide enough that shoppers can easily find everything they need. Mother Supermarket supplies a wide range of products, but is always growing it’s range of products. Browse our products section to see selection of what we carry and always feel free to email us with any inquiries about specific products.